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In this paper we discuss four business concepts that will impact the adoption of e-beam direct write (EbDW).  They are: (1) The economically advantageous region for EbDW.  At what costs and volumes EbDW is economically advantageous is controlled by a two-sided constraint involving the cost of reticles on one hand and the cost of design on the other.  (2) The important role of product derivatives and other markets that can be satisfied by designs with heavy IP reuse.  The natural long tail in demand for differentiated products is today chopped off by the high costs of reticles.  We show data on the elasticity of the product derivative market with respect to certain costs.  (3) That because reticle prices typically decline at a 30% per year for the first few years after a new node is introduced, delaying the fabrication of that first reticle set for a new product can save millions, more than paying for EbDW.  The applicability of this technique is, however, limited by the need for product requalifaction.  (4) Finally, we introduce the business concept of the virtual reticle as a possible component in EbDW pricing.  Copyright 2007 Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers. This paper was be published in the proceedings of the SPIE conference on Photomask Technology and is made available as an electronic preprint with permission of SPIE. One print or electronic copy may be made for personal use only. Systematic or multiple reproduction, distribution to multiple locations via electronic or other means, duplication of any material in this paper for a fee or for commercial purposes, or modification of the content of the paper are prohibited.

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